Backplane Systems Technology Presents GETT Asia’s KG22203 InduProof™ Smart Pro with Backlight

Backplane Systems Technology is proud to present GETT Asia’s InduProof™ Smart Pro, which is the hygienic premium keyboard for use in hospitals, in laboratories, or food production.

Due to InduProof™ Smart Pro’s waterproof and dust-proof casing, it is possible to completely clean and disinfects the unit. Its high-quality workmanship and its robust design guarantee a long serviceable life. It is a real “all-in-one” solution with its touchpad, a stand-by key for cleaning operations, integrated magnets for flexibly attaching the unit to work surfaces, and an adjustable key lighting feature.

Furthermore, InduProof™ Smart Pro has USB compatibility, with USB 2.0. Likewise, the keyboard can also be mounted as it supports magnetic mountings, whereby you can attach the unit to iron metal surfaces in a flexible way. In addition to the statutory warranty of two years, you receive a four-year guarantee on electric function.
Key Features:
• Can be fully cleaned and provides comfortable typing
• Locking key to prevent any incorrect commands from being triggered
• Adjustable illumination
• Magnetic mountings to attach the unit to iron metal surfaces in a flexible way
• Individual modifications on request

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