Acromag Isolated Quad RS232 Serial Communication Modules in Ruggedised Mini PCIe Form Factor

AcroPack® Mini PCIe-based serial I/O modules provide four independently isolated RS232 ports; protecting signals from noise and transient voltage spikes in defence and industrial applications.

 Acromag highlights their AcroPack rugged I/O modules, based on the PCI Express mini card (mPCIe) standard, with an isolated RS232 serial communication module. The AP513 module provides four individually isolated RS232 serial ports on a compact 30 x 70mm board. Additionally, each port is isolated to 250V from digital circuitry and 100V from the other three ports. The isolation thus protects equipment and signal integrity in electrically noisy environments with potential for high common model voltages, harmful transient signals, and ground loops.

Designed for COTS applications, these mPCIe mezzanine modules deliver a SWaP-optimised solution for military, aerospace, and industrial systems, performing the following functions:

  • Data collection
  • Control
  • Testing
  • Simulations

A variety of carrier cards are available to host a mix of up to four AcroPack I/O modules on PCI Express, VPX, CompactPCI-Serial, or other small form factor computer platforms.

Advanced Features

A number of advanced features simplify configuration and improve performance. Software-configuration helps you quickly set baud rates, character-sizes, stop bits, and parity. For more efficient data processing, each serial port is equipped with 256-byte FIFO buffers on the transmit and receive lines. Consequently, CPU interaction is minimized. Programmable triggers, extensive handshake support, interrupt controls, and a 16550-compatible UART provide additional flexibility.

Carrier cards for rack-mount, field-deployable, industrial chassis, desktop, and small mezzanine computing platforms let you combine up to four I/O function modules on one computer board.

Software tools support embedded applications running on Linux®, Windows®, or VxWorks® operating systems.

Acromag, a mid-sized international corporation, has been developing and manufacturing measurement and control products for more than 60 years. They

offer a complete line of industrial I/O products including process instruments, signal conditioning equipment, data acquis

ACROMAG is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics. 

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