Acromag Introducers the new Ventu™ brand of Innovative Instrumentation !

VPM2000 Vertu™ Series Loop-Powered Panel Meter

Acromag Vertu™ VPM2000 loop-powered 1/8 DIN digital panel meters provide a convenient and informative display of any 4-20mA signal. A dual line display shows the process value on the top line and the units or a tag on the bottom line. Alternatively, you can display the input in one scale on the top line (e.g. height) and another scale on the bottom (e.g. volume). A bar graph option indicates the percentage the value represents.

All models include a digital input and two open collector outputs. For signal isolator and alarm trip applications, model options add two solid state relays or 4-20mA analogue output. The digital input enables remote reset or triggering of alarms. Open collector outputs are useful for alarm indication or pulse output. Relays support alarm activation, on/off control, and pump alternation functions.

Installation is greatly simplified as the meters acquire power from the 4-20mA loop and therefore require no separate power source. A low voltage drop adds very little burden to the loop. The NEMA 4X IP65 panel, conformal-coated PCBs, wide temperature operation, and a backlit LCD enable use in most environments. Intrinsically safe and non-incendive versions allow installation in hazardous areas.

Setup is fast and easy using the front panel buttons or the free configuration software. A micro USB cable connects the meter to the PC and provides power for software-based programming and saving the file. The push buttons also serve as programmable function keys to change displays, reset min/max readings, acknowledge alarms, and other uses.

Performance Specifications

(Except where noted, all specs apply to operation at +25°C)

Temperature Range:
Operating (safe area models): -40 to 75°C
Operating (hazardous area models): -40 to 70°C
Storage: -40 to 85°C
Relative Humidity:
0 to 90% non-condensing
PCBs conformal-coated
Programming Method: Front panel & Free PC-based USB programming software.
Digital Input:
2.1V DC on contact. No contacts across DI+ and DI-.
Logic High: 2.4 to 30V DC (max)
Logic Low: 0 to 0.9V DC
Overall Dimensions: 119 x 62 x 96 mm W x H x D
Weight: 247g with option board.

Acromag, a mid-sized international corporation, has been developing and manufacturing measurement and control products for more than 60 years. They

offer a complete line of industrial I/O products including process instruments, signal conditioning equipment, data acquis

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