Safety laser scanner

The PHARO Safety Laser Scanner is an
optoelectronic protection device for accident prevention. 

It is suitable for
the protection of personnel exposed to risks deriving from both machines and
systems with dangerous organs as well as from possible collisions with
automatic guided vehicles (AGVs).

With the Safety Laser Scanner it is
possible to create programmable protected horizontal or vertical areas of
variable shape suitable to all applications without the need to use a separate
reflector or receiver.

Each sensor has two safety levels: 3 Type –
SIL 2 – SILCL 2 – PL d – Cat. 3 and can create two independently programmable
controlled zones:

  • 2
    safety zones with maximum radius of 4 metres
  • 2
    warning zones with maximum radius of 20 metres
  • Technical features of the PHARO Safety
    Laser Scanner include:
  • Configuration
    Memory Module built into the removable connector
  • Light
    source: laser diode wavelength 905 nm
  • Laser
    source class: 1 – according to EN 60825-1
  • Scanning
    angle: 190¡
  • Angular
    resolution: 0.25¡ / 0.50¡
  • Response
    time (ms) configurable 60 or 120 (with 2 scans)
  • Signalling
    indications in 7 segments and LEDs for self-diagnosis and sensor status
  • Power
    supply (VDC): 24 -30% +20%.
  • Electrical
    connections: cable length 30 m, cross-section 0.5 mm_.
  • Protection
    rating: IP 65.
  • Operating
    temperature (¡C): -10 … +50

The Safety Laser Scanner does not
require an external control unit because all the safety functions are built in.

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