NextComputing have released the Vigor ED Portable Workstation for Maximum Performance and Storage in Tough Environments

NextComputing, a
leading manufacturer of portable and small footprint workstations and servers, recently
added the Vigor ED Portable Workstation for Maximum Performance and Storage in
Tough Environments.

Graphics -or processing-intensive applications like geospatial imagery analysis, UAV ground control, or HD digital video processing require very powerful computer hardware. However, for mobile deployments where size, weight, power and cooling (SWaP-C) are a concern, typical rackmount servers are just too large, heavy and power consuming.

The Vigor series is the perfect solution to overcome these problems. Compact and rugged the Vigor systems are designed to handle the same demanding tasks normally assigned to full-sized systems. Now you can replace larger rackmount hardware with an all-in-one workstation that is easier to transport and set up.

The modular, scalable
Vigor EDS can be outfitted with the latest Intel multi-core processors,
high-capacity/performance memory, full-size PCI Express 3.0 cards, and up to
(16) removable enterprise-class SSD, SAS, or SATA drives.

  • Rugged
    design for demanding mission critical applications in any environment
  • Up
    to 16 easy-access removable hard drives, 32TB of enterprise class storage
    with RAID
  • Up
    to 7 combined full length PCI Express slots
  • Integrated
    17.3″ (439.42mm) 1920×1080 LED LCD and optional swingout displays

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