Tobin Transport Bottle with eyewash for portable safety

Enware Australia has added a new eyewash system to their range of portable
safety solutions. The Tobin Transport Bottle aims to minimise the impact of a
workplace injury to the eyes by providing sterile saline solution that’s ready
to use by the affected individual.

Recommended for all workplaces, Enware’s Tobin Transport Bottle is
especially suitable for transport vehicles carrying dangerous goods, which
according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, requires the vehicle to have
an eyewash kit containing at least 250ml of sterile saline solution, filled and
ready for use.

The new Tobin 500 contains 500ml of sterile saline solution dispensed
from six streams for a soft yet highly effective flow. The Tobin Transport
Bottle allows the user to flush the affected eye(s) within a few seconds of an

Enware’s new Tobin Transport Bottle can be supplied with an optional stand.

For more information, please visit the Enware website

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