RADCOFLEX & Shark Shield: Protecting Humans and the Environment

Since the “Mick Fanning incident” that
took place last year, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the best methods
of protection against shark attacks in our waters.

Consumer Watchdog CHOICE recently ran tests on
the most popular products available on the market and published their report
finding that Shark Shield, an electrical repellent, yielded the best results.
The electrical field is created by a 2 meter cord that trails behind the user,
which is sheathed and protected by RADCOFLEX’s highest quality tight metal

In fact, it is such an effective shark repellent
that a surf school on the New South Wales Central Coast has made it compulsory
for surf classes.

RADCOFLEX is proud to be part of such a great community and environmentally focussed product.

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