New tribo-filament available for 3D printing from Treotham

Igus recently announced the world’s first tribo filament for 3D printers. 

With the filament being up to 50 times more abrasion resistant than standard 3D print materials, it was developed for engineers that need to create structurally robust prototypes, custom products or low volume manufacturing.

The filament is now available in 5 different iglidur materials to
suit a number of different application requirements. All types offer excellent
wear, abrasion and strength properties and can be used in almost any 3D printer.

While still offering excellent wear-resistance, the new iglidur C210
tribo-filament is a low cost chemical bearing which is more resistant to many
acids, solvents and hydrogen peroxide than most other materials.

The different iglidur tribo-filament
materials allow for options with greater chemical resistance, higher upper
application temperatures, even better wear resistance, and easier options for
processing and printing.

The quick and easy to use online 3D printing service from igus
offers superior quality and design freedom. The instant customised parts use
lubrication free, wear and abrasion resistant iglidur plastics and arrive ready
to install.

The new spool size offers 3 times more material, with 750g of

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