32 inch Sunlight Readable Wide Screen LCD Display

Interworld Electronics has released the AP-SLD3245-V2 Industrial Sunlight Readable Monitor.

The AP-SLD3245-V2 monitor features a 32″ Wide Screen 1366×768 resolution HD LCD panel with 1200 cd/m2 high brightness LED backlighting. The AP-SLD3245-V2 also features a 5000:1 contrast ratio and a wide viewing angle (176 degrees horizontal by 176 degrees vertical).

The AP-SLD3245-V2 LED technology provides a highly uniform light distribution and combined with a high transmission colour filter and polarizing glass front plate allows the AP-SLD3245-V2 to produce a colour accurate, clear and crisp display. Fast 7ms response times allow action video content to be clearly displayed while VGA and DVI video inputs provide support for modern computer systems.

LED technology generates less heat and less EMI noise than CCFL backlights resulting in a low power consumption display. The AP-SLD3245-V2 is powered from 100V~240VAC and consumes 82 Watts. 400×200 and 200×100 (mm) spaced rear mounting holes are provided for wall mounting.

The AP-SLD3245-V2 features rear panel controls that provide access to all display settings.

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