New Perspect Sweet Pastels vibrant and inspiring

Allplastics have added a new range of PERSPEX brand colours which allows the designer to create vibrant displays in 8 delicious colours which can be “picked and mixed” for stunning effect!

The colour innovation is trend focused and allows us to bring out the fashionista inside all of us while recalling childhood memories of bright pastel crayons!

The Sweet Pastel range is available in 3mm thick x 3050mm x 2030mm sheets with one surface gloss and other sating, thus allowing the designer the flexibility of choice of reflection or matt finish depending on the situation.

While the Sweet Pastel range might look “soft” they are infused with strength for those tough interior requirements, creating products that can last for decades.

The PERSPEX 10 year outdoor guarantee warrants the coloured sheets for outdoor signage and architectural features. The materials are 100 per cent recyclable even in these delicious colours.


  1. 8 Delicious colours 3mm Thick x 3050mm x 2030mm
  2. Unique gloss and satin finish combination in one sheet
  3. Frosted anti-finger mark surface on one side
  4. Ultra high gloss surface on other side
  5. Easy to shape, form and fabricate
  6. Retains frosted texture through thermoforming
  7. Hygienic -PERSPEX is compliant with EU food contact regulations
  8. 100% recyclable

Available colours

  1. Orange Frizz Code SA 3143
  2. Bubblegum Blue Code SA 7490
  3. Sour Grape Code SA 7563
  4. Candy Floss Blue Code SA 7489
  5. Lemon Bonbon Code SA 2170
  6. Parma Violet Code SA 7562
  7. Spearmint Green Code SA 6382
  8. Raspberry Sherbet Code SA 4274


  1. Point of Sale displays
  2. Furniture Cladding
  3. Interior design
  4. Signage
  5. Food Courts
  6. Fashion Shops

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