Ensuring compliance in restaurants with Testo Saveris

Success in the food and beverage industry is a tough proposition, with
restaurants competing against each other to stand out in the crowd. With the
rise of social media and restaurant review platforms, potential customers can
access information about various dining spots and make their choices based on
ratings and popular opinion. Negative feedback can hurt sales, even if it resulted
from an accident.

Non-compliance is an unnecessary risk for restaurants. In modern times, compliance
cannot simply be just a goal; it has to be integral to every aspect of the
restaurant’s design and operations. With innovative technology such as the Testo
Saveris Restaurant solution, industry regulations can become the standard.

Are you taking a risk?

Restaurant owners and managements cannot supervise their kitchens all
the time, which makes it difficult to know if proper precautions are being
taken at every turn. Additionally, when the staff is inexperienced, even if
they hold a safety certification, they might not understand how the information
fits into the day-to-day routine.

The chef’s preoccupation with various matters before the doors open to
customers each day may lead to various inspections being overlooked. Unfortunately,
when food is served undercooked or spoiled meat ends up on the guest’s table, it
directly affects the reputation of the restaurant. A single salmonella outbreak,
for instance, can rule the news headlines for weeks. This can prove to be
costly, as 28 per cent of respondents to an AlixPartners survey insisted they
would not eat again at a diner that had suffered a food safety violation.
Roughly 62 per cent would wait to visit until it was announced the restaurant
was safe.

Keeping food safety simple

Ensuring compliance in any industry can become time-consuming and
tedious when lengthy paperwork is involved. While many restaurants have
upgraded their food thermometer technology, they’ve failed to digitise their
quality management processes. This is where Testo’s Saveris Restaurant solution
can help.

An innovation in the food and beverage industry, Testo’s Saveris
Restaurant solution ensures food safety tools are paired with a control unit
that guides staff through the checklist for local food regulation codes,
leading to effective compliance. Automating the process eliminates all doubts
about missed inspection checks, ensuring all standards are met daily.

Contact a Testo representative today to learn more about the Testo
Saveris quality management system.

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