New conduits protecting cables in the food and beverage industry

PMA conduits from Treotham
are designed to protect vital cables against mechanical and other environmental
factors in industries with a strong focus on hygiene and cleanliness. ABB now offers
the JFBD nylon conduit featuring a corrugated design especially for the food
and beverage industry.

Developed by ABB’s
dedicated research and development team, the new JFBD nylon conduit meets the stringent
demands of rapid and effective washdown conditions with a new over-extruded
non-porous smooth jacket to deliver enhanced cleanability along with excellent resistance
to aggressive chemicals to ECOLAB standards.

The IP69-rated PMA
cable protection range for the food and beverage industry offers a choice
of two high specification fittings. The JKNH nylon fitting is made from
FDA-compliant material, and combines excellent chemical resistance with quick
installation without needing tools. The JENQ single-piece fitting is made from
316L stainless steel and is ideally suited to areas with the highest hygienic

The JFBD conduit,
with either the JENQ stainless steel or JKNH nylon fitting, offers a truly
flexible and cost-effective solution for the food and beverage industry, backed
by the unrivalled sector experience of ABB.

For more
information, please visit the Treotham Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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