Mijno high precision, servo grade planetary gearheads

T.E.A. Transmissions presents a reliable range of servo grade planetary
gearheads designed for high precision, low backlash and long life.

All MIJNO low backlash planetary gearboxes provide a minimum of 20,000
hours of lifetime in both directions of rotation including 20% of the lifetime
in acceleration/ deceleration, with the combined maximal radial and axial
forces. When used at less than these values, the gearheads’ theoretical
(calculated) lifetime increases exponentially, potentially going up to hundreds
of thousands of hours.

MIJNO planetary gearboxes can be assembled with extremely low backlash –
as little as 1 arc-min backlash. Arc-min backlash is a reticule of 60
divisions, corresponding to one degree on the circle. A single shaft revolution
represents 360 degrees with each degree divided into 60; 1 arc-min therefore equals
1/60th of a degree.

The low backlash enables the machine to carry out very precise

The planetary gearboxes can also be combined with a low backlash right
angled box to enable transmission of rotary motion and power between 90-degree
angle shafts with ratios as high as 100:1. All gearboxes are also available in
a full stainless steel washdown version with IP67 protection.

Type MRP

Key features include: Five sizes 5 Nm to 290 Nm
(continuous); low backlash (15, 12 or 10 min depending on size and selected
option); convenient output interface enabling centring on the bearing for a
perfect shaft concentricity; shaft with or without keyway (with a DIN332D
threaded hole as standard); and IP54 protection.


Type MNT

Key features include: Backlash from 8 to 1
arc-min; high radial and axial load capability; quiet and reliable performance;
high torsional stiffness; 13 different reduction ratios 3:1 to 100:1; ISO and
DIN output interfaces; IP65 protection; washdown stainless steel version IP67
and psi water jets available; optional lubricating grease for the food
processing industry; and easy maintenance.


Type MRA

Key features include: Backlash 10 to 5 arc-mins;
output shaft supported by two angular contact ball bearings to increase radial
load acceptance; up to 13 different ratios 3:1 to 100:1; choice of output
interfaces (through-hole, up to 4 shafts); IP65 protection; washdown stainless
steel version featuring IP67 and 1500 psi water jets available; optional
lubrication for the food processing or pharmaceutical industries; and easy


Type BDB

Key features include: Rotating output flange instead of traditional
output shaft enabling unique power transmission solutions; satellite gears with
dual support in a massive cage providing high stiffness, the gears remaining
inline even during peak torque; output flange rotating on taper rolling
bearings for maximum radial and axial loads; very low backlash (5 to 1 arc-min
max); up to fourteen different ratios from 3 to 220; ISO or DIN output
interface; temperature range -35¡C to 130¡C; IP65 protection; washdown
stainless steel version IP67 and 1500 psi water jets available; optional
lubricating grease for the food processing industry; and easy maintenance.


Please visit the T.E.A. Transmissions website
for full specifications and downloadable PDFs.

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