NORD’s nsd tupH aluminium drives for the food industry

New nsd tupH drives introduced by NORD Drivesystems are
meeting the strict compliance requirements of the food industry. Featuring a
smooth ultra-hard surface that remains unaffected by blows or scratches, the aluminium
drives are tested and proven in wet applications.

NORD’s nsd tupH aluminium drives display resilience against
blistering and corrosion as per ASTM and ISO standards. Tests conducted on the
drives showed zero loss of adhesion and absence of chipping while the salt
spray test produced no corrosion even after 2,000 hours.

Recommended for demanding applications in the food
industry, nsd tupH drives offer a longer service life than paint-coated
systems. Key benefits of NORD’s nsd tupH aluminium drives include high resilience
and prolonged service life significantly reducing service and maintenance
requirements; treatment ensuring high process safety with the hardened uncoated
surface eliminating product contamination; and high corrosion resistance unaffected
by heavy impacts or scratches.

The nsd tupH is approved for food applications according
to FDA Title 21 CFR175.300. 

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