High flexibility Festo PUN-H tubing resisting hydrolysis and microbes

Polyurethane-based tubes are highly popular in standard applications
primarily due to their excellent flexibility. However, depending on the base
material, some PU-based tubes experience hydrolytic destruction when used with
water or water mixtures. These tubes are also at risk of being attacked by
metabolic products of microbes in moist environments, destroying the tube
material and causing leakage.

Festo has now introduced the PUN-H-T, a highly flexible transparent
tubing product that eliminates both hydrolysis and microbial risks.

Festo PUN-H tubing uses a base material perfect for standard pneumatic
applications. The polyurethane material exhibits high resistance to both
hydrolysis and microbes, allowing the tube to be used in locations with high
air humidity as well as wetness.

The PUN-H tube is also recommended for the food industry as it’s made
from an FDA- and EU10/2011-listed base material.

The improved material properties of the PUN-H tube include outstanding
flexibility and easy installation; suitable resistance to hydrolysis and
microbes; excellent ageing and UV resistance; improved chemical resistance; and
strength under reverse bending stresses ideal for energy chains.

PUN-H-T tubes also come in a choice of new transparent colours (black,
blue, red, yellow and green), which can be used to detect the presence of solid
particles, water or oil on the inside of the tube. Combine PUN-H-T and push-in fittings
QS for optimal, trouble-free operation of your system at all times.

Find the right tubing here: www.festo.com/productfinder/tubing

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