BEEP simplifying communication with I/O modules

Turck Australia presents its new Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol,
or BEEP, designed to simplify the use of its TBEN and FEN20 multiprotocol block
I/O modules.

Turck’s BEEP allows the user to connect networks with up to 33 TBEN
modules (1 master + 32 slaves) and up to 480 bytes of data to the PLC via a single
IP address in Profinet, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP networks. Thanks to the
reduced number of IP addresses, the user can quickly create high density I/O
networks and also connect them with low cost controllers.

The user defines the BEEP master as the first device on the line via the
integrated web server. The master scans the connected network and automatically
configures the data assignment for all connected modules. Since all parameters
of the device configuration are stored in the master, BEEP supports the rapid
exchange of individual modules, thereby efficiently reducing downtime and associated
costs. The BEEP master detects a new device automatically and downloads the
relevant parameters.

BEEP is now available on all IP67 TBEN multiprotocol modules with
digital I/O signals of the L and S series, as well as on Turck’s FEN20 modules.
BEEP is compatible with all standard Ethernet components.

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