Machine Vision Lighting

Scitech is delighted to introduce machine vision lighting
from Spectrum Illumination.

Spectrum Illumination is the leading supplier of high
output LED lights for the machine vision industry. 

Machine vision lights assist
cameras in a factory setting by illuminating the product as is passes by on an
assembly line. 

The cameras take images of the product and communicate with a
computer. Software then detects certain markers, indicators, or defects in the
image of the product to make sure the final product meets the factories
standards, requirements and quality control parameters.

Spectrum Illumination has the largest product lines using
high output LEDs that include ring lights, spot lights, dome lights, diffused
axial lights, linear lights, oxy lights, wash-down lights and back lights
including monster back lights.

Spectrum Illumination is also the only company to offer a
true modular light system (Tripod Light) that can be configured by the

The Tripod Light includes Smart Burst Technology, analogue control
and variable intensity control built in. If you are looking for the best
machine vision lights you need look no further than Spectrum Illumination.

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