Treotham announces 48-Volt heavy-duty Electrak HD linear actuator by Thomson The 48V Electrak HD has all of the robustness and performance capability of the standard line but with reduced current draw.

The smart, strong and sturdy Thomson Electrak HD electric linear actuator already provides motion control designers many control features and options, and now it offers additional flexibility with a 48-volt option.

The Electrak HD linear actuator platform provides robust lifting performance up to 16 kN and has onboard electronics, which eliminates the need for standalone controls. The 48-volt Electrak HD has all of the robustness and performance capability of the standard line but can reduce current draw through the wires by half when compared to 24 Vdc and four times less current when compared to 12 Vdc. This enables designers to configure applications that can provide maximum power while drawing minimal current. It also reduces space demands for everything in the system, including wiring and transistors.

“Greater controllability is one of the main reasons that motion control system designers have been replacing hydraulic systems with heavy duty electric actuators,” says Travis Gilmer, product line specialist of linear actuators at Thomson. “ And the 48-volt capacity of our Electrak HD family adds even more control. Designers can now more efficiently integrate equipment that draws less current.”

In a typical configuration, instead of deploying one 48-volt battery, the designer might string two 24-volt batteries, or a 24-volt and two 12-volt batteries in series. With the new Electrak HD option, they have up to 48-volt capacity if needed and can also integrate accessories that might need only low-level power switching.

The 48-volt Electrak HD is designed to perform heavy-duty applications and will benefit automation capabilities in automated guided vehicles, forklifts, agricultural equipment, factory automation, and any application with lifting requirements of up to 16 kN and a need to integrate other electronic equipment that requires low current.

The 48-volt Electrak HD is available from Treotham Automation.


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