Stamped contacts: a convenient alternative from Treotham

The new ilme SI 5 A gold plated stamped crimp contacts from Treotham are the right solution for signal and data applications, particularly required in the automation and robotics sectors and on installations on electrical panels.

The new series offer an outstanding price-quality ratio and time optimisation for high volume automatic processes. They are also compatible with the main data connectors and standard or modular inserts used in the automation sector.

With its open-barrel crimping structure compliant with EN/IEC 60352-2:2006, the contacts are available in several variants, suitable to any type of installation requirement.

These include:

  • 2 different sizes: 0.2 for 0,08-0,21 mm2 wire cross section / AWG 28-24 or 0.5 for 0,21-0,52 mm2 wire cross section / AWG 24-20.
  • 3 types of gold plating thickness: 1D for 500 mating cycles, 2D for 250 mating cycles or 3D for 50 mating cycles.
  • 3 packaging options: loose parts (200 pcs), coil (500 pcs) or reel package (10.000 pcs).


Furthermore, the dedicated easy handling manual crimping tools are available for loose contacts (part number SIPZ W) or for coil packaging (part number SIPZC W).

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