Magnus RFID sensors for machine safety

Treotham has introduced a new range of RFID sensors designed for machine
safety applications.

The next generation Magnus RFID sensors from Reer feature a compact and
versatile design, allowing a broad application range. The different design and
technology options combined with their mechanical compatibility with
Magnus MG series make this product extremely valuable for users.

Key features of Magnus RFID sensors include RFID technology enabling the
sensors to be individually coded in three different ways to allow
appropriate tampering protection in all applications; highest
configurations allowing each sensor to be paired with one assigned
actuator; and RFID technology allowing safety levels up to PL e/ SIL 3 to be
achieved when connecting the sensors in series.

Magnus RFID sensors can be simply integrated in existing safety scenarios,
offering a cost-effective solution for modifying and upgrading machines.

Magnus RFID sensors are recommended for diverse industrial applications
including food and beverage, packaging, pharmaceuticals, printing, paper,
logistics, renewable energies, chemicals and injection moulding among many

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website or call 02 9907 1788.

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