Rent the BW Gas Alert MicroClip Confined Space Gas Detector from TechRentals

Safety is crucial when it comes to entering and working within a confined space. Significant training and resources need to be allocated accordingly to ensure that the present risks can be minimised. 

Hazards that can be found in confined spaces include reduced oxygen levels, noxious fumes, or the risk of fire. It is imperative that the air is accurately tested when entering a confined space.

TechRentals offers a range of safety rental equipment that can prevent potential disaster from occurring when operating in dangerous conditions. The MicroClip by BW Technologies is an affordable and compact gas detector that provides protection from atmospheric hazards. 

How does the BW MicroClip work? The real-time LCD monitor continuously detects and displays the 4 main atmospheric risks. With simple one button operation, the MicroClip effectively measures the concentrations of: combustible gases (LEL), oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrogen sulphide (H2S). This product is intrinsically safe and is designed with visual, vibrating, and audible alarms that automatically alert the user when the environment is unsafe.

The BW Sampling Pump can be utilised in conjunction with the MicroClip to conduct pre-entry remote air quality testing from up to 18m away. Breathe easy when working continuously in a confined space, as this TechRentals product provides vital real-time information. To determine if it is safe to enter, conditions will demonstrate that:

  1. The oxygen content is within safe limits -not too little and not too much
  2. A hazardous atmosphere (toxic gases and flammable atmosphere) is not present.
  3. Ventilation equipment is operating properly

The user friendly and remote capabilities of these products significantly reduce training time and provide peace of mind. TechRentals aims to provide the highest quality rental products & service, and to promote safer work environments. 

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