pco.Panda compact 4.2MP camera with customised sCMOS sensor

Scitech introduces the pco.Panda camera featuring a customised sCMOS
sensor and an ultra-compact size.

The pco.Panda camera is ideal for applications such as GSDIM, PALM,
STORM, SPIM, SIM, live cell microscopy, single molecule detection, light-sheet
microscopy, spinning disk confocal microscopy, FRET, FRAP, fluorescence
spectroscopy, bio- and chemi-luminescence and high content screening.

The camera provides high quantum efficiency up to 80%, low readout noise
of < 2 e and high resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels with a pixel size of 6.5

Key features of pco.Panda cameras include ultra-compact dimensions of 65
x 65 x 65 mm, weighing only 450g (without lens adapter); latest 16-bit sCMOS
sensor technology; dynamic range of 22,500:1; exposure time from 100 µs to 1s; maximum
frame rate @ full resolution > 40 fps; rolling shutter; USB 3.1 interface;
and power over USB.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website www.scitech.com.au or call (03) 9480 4999. 

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