Koolkuna Visible / Visual Contact Isolators from Kraus & Naimer

Since 1907, Kraus & Naimer has led the
way in switchgear quality and innovation through its worldwide network of
factories and branches. Recognised as an industry leader in the international
and Australian markets, Kraus and Naimer combines big business capability with
small business ideals.

Driven to provide excellence in customer
experience, Kraus and Naimer’s local branches listen and respond to their
client’s unique needs. This has resulted in the release of the Koolkuna range
of enclosed stainless steel safety isolators.

Our customers have told us that they want
to have a clear view of the moving contact within the switch to give complete
peace of mind about the status of the contact. Kraus & Naimer has an
existing range of switches with visible contacts and a long-standing history of
dependability, so it was simply a matter of developing a more suitable way of
mounting the switch so the contacts could be viewed clearly.

The innovative addition of an extra door
hinging from the side meant proven and certified interlocking mechanisms could
be utilized, a simple and reliable solution. The inventive design combines
established mechanisms with visible contacts.

With the Koolkuna range, you have the
satisfaction that safety has been effectively achieved and reliability is 100%
assured. And this is how our range got it’s unusual name. Koolkuna means ‘a
place of safety’.

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