Fast Strain Gauge Transducer for Hazardous Areas

Turck’s IMX12-SG for force measurement applications in hazardous areas achieves response times below 10 ms and can be used as a repeater or signal converter

Turck has expanded its interface portfolio with a fast strain gauge transducer for force measurement applications in hazardous areas. The IMX12-SG is unique as it has a repeater function and can be used for signal conversion when the resistance changes on strain gauge bridges. It has a response time of less than 10 ms, a flexible output circuit configurable with DIP switches and galvanic isolation all within a slimline 12.5 mm housing making the IMX12-SG ideal for applications with limited space available.

Turck’s IMX12-SG provides galvanic isolation between the hazardous and safe areas. This eliminates interference or equalisation currents that can result from stray voltages – a key safety advantage over Zener barrier solutions, which rely on a very well-maintained grounding concept.

As with all devices of the IMX12 series, operation in the Zone 2 hazardous area is permitted in a protective housing.

A wide supply voltage range of 10…30 VDC also enables use in applications with battery operation, such as temporary or mobile equipment. The operating temperature range of up to 70 °C allows use in the direct proximity of machinery and motors.



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