Connector protection from Treotham Automation

German company igus has developed the ‘Conprotect’ solution
as protection for sensitive connectors in industrial applications.

This protection against mechanical loads for standard USB
connectors is assembled with ease in only a few steps and without tools. This
also prevents inadvertent unplugging.

For even better protection for USB connectors in industrial
environments, Conprotect has a protective enclosure that is easily clipped
around USB connectors in only a few steps.

Two knurled screws give the connection added reliability.
This approach prevents inadvertent unplugging. This new rugged and protective
enclosure for connectors can also be used with a coupling for flying connections.

In order to make assembly as easy as possible, the lids of
Conprotect are made from identical parts that fully enclose the connector by
hand. The screws are then simply clipped-in and users can retrofit Conprotect
on existing connections.

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