Modular servo press kit for high precision electronics manufacturing

The new servo press kit from Festo offers manufacturers of high-precision
electronics and small parts a lower cost, easy-to-use alternative to
traditional press control systems.

The modular servo press kit YJKP combines software and hardware
components from Festo into a complete mechatronic solution, which enables
electric press-fitting applications requiring up to 17 kN force to be
implemented simply, reliably and cost-effectively.

Festo’s servo press kit provides a simple and pre-assembled system
solution for a wide range of applications from press-fitting printed circuit
boards into housings, inserting precision parts in clock mechanisms and sealing
module housings to press-fitting and testing seals.

The servo press kit comprises of modular operating software and matching
standard Festo components including the electric spindle drive ESBF, the motor
EMMS-AS, the motor controller CMMP-AS, the controller CECC-X and a force
sensor. The solution can be quickly and easily integrated by machine and plant
builders involved in electronics and small parts manufacturing in their press

Being modular, the servo press kits can be tailored to the needs of the
user, guaranteeing a flexible design and reducing investment costs. This is
especially beneficial to most users who end up using just 10% of the scope of a
pre-assembled press from an established manufacturer.

Users can choose from a force range of 0.8 to 17 kN, stroke length of
100 to 400 mm, axial or parallel attachment of the motor, and a single-turn or
multi-turn encoder, avoiding expensive oversizing.

Easy-to-use operating software is pre-installed in the controller, ready
for use as soon as system integration is complete. The user doesn’t need programming
skills and can parameterise the press unit in a simple and intuitive way. The modular
software offers a range of application-specific functions, which can be
displayed on any platform, on a PC, tablet or other HMI. Processes are quick to
configure and easy to implement using the function elements in the software’s
integrated library.

Monitoring is simple, as all steps can be fully checked and tracked for
quality assurance using the software, and users can reload the results of each
individual stage if needed. Evaluation and control procedures for the envelope
curve, threshold value and windowing are already integrated into the software.
The innovative servo press kit also has a number of smart pre-configured
functions and an OPC-UA interface that is compatible with Industry 4.0

Designed as a complete mechatronic solution, Festo’s servo press kit assures
easier commissioning, set-up and configuration as well as improved reliability
and usability, all at a lower price-performance ratio than traditional
alternatives, and completely optimised for unique applications. All of these
advantages make the kit an attractive proposition for machine builders and
customers who want to integrate into existing infrastructure and focus on the
tooling and task in hand. Using standard hardware components and pre-built
software from a proven single supplier also guarantees faster delivery and
easier access to spares.

For more information about YJKP servo press kits, please visit the Festo website. 

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