chainflex cable from Treotham increases the reliability of machines with Fanuc drives

chainflex cable from Treotham increases the reliability of machines with Fanuc drives
Treotham is expanding its igus CF270.UL.D servo cable range, adding a new e-chain cable that works with Fanuc motors

In the area of machine tools, many users in Australia rely on Fanuc motors and control systems. In order to reliably supply the drives with energy while they are in motion, igus has now developed a highly flexible servo cable. It is designed specifically for use in dynamic applications. The cable has an oil-resistant PUR jacket, UL certification, and a UL-verified, certified guarantee promise for up to 36 months.

A servo cable is what connects the machine to its drive and sets it in motion. That is why it is very important in mechanical engineering. Used in an energy chain, it must be fail-safe, highly flexible, durable and oil-resistant, whilst fulfilling a wide variety of standards and certifications for use in the global market. The igus CF270.UL.D range from Treotham offers 32 cable cross-sections that work with drives from 24 manufacturers and were developed for use in e-chains. igus has now expanded the series to include a new cable design with (6G1.0)C for the βi Fanuc motor series. “We offer more than 20 different chainflex cable ranges specifically for the machine tool area”, says Paul Arthur, chainflex cable Product Manager for Treotham Automation. “Since Fanuc motors are being used more and more by machine builders, igus have developed a cable that can handle the demanding environmental conditions and high movement speeds and accelerations for them.” The CF270.UL.10.06 has a PUR outer jacket that is resistant to oil and coolant and is coloured according to DESINA and certified according to 1000V UL AWM. As it does for all of its 1,350 cables, igus guarantees a service life of up to 36 months, certified and UL verified.

Cable can handle up to 18 million strokes
In test 4831 in igus’ 3,800-square-metre in-house laboratory in Cologne, the chainflex cable held up for 18 million strokes. Its durability in a given application can be determined free of charge with the freely accessible online service life calculator. Treotham offers the new Fanuc cable either by the metre from stock, or harnessed with a suitable connector as a ready-to-connect readycable. If the user is looking for a ready-to-connect energy supply system consisting of e-chain, cables and connectors, they can contact Treotham for a custom readychain service.

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