White Paper: The less is more approach to robotic cable management

Robotic cable management is in focus today because of its impact on
machine reliability. Even though robots are becoming increasingly complex,
cable management has unfortunately failed to keep up, with cable issues blamed
as the top reason for downtime in robotics cells.

While managing cables and hoses is often an afterthought in most
designs, it is truly a vital part of any well-functioning robot.Current systems try
to keep the cables on a six-axis robot static while everything operating around
them is dynamic. This practice of using one, long restrictive cable package
prevents movement in sync with the robot, with the restrictions stressing the
cables and accelerating failure.

The less is more approach to cable management is a best practice that
robotics engineers and integrators can apply. This approach is centred on designing
cable management systems for six-axis robots including cables, hoses, tubing, carriers,
and connectors in three separate sections.

This white paper by igus explains the best practice approach to robotic
cable management and provides options and tips for creating the ideal robotic
cable carrier system.

igus products are available in Australia through

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