Scitech appointed authorised Distributor for CrestOptics

Scitech has been appointed the authorised distributor for
the CrestOptics range of products in Australia and New Zealand.

The mission
of the CrestOptics company is the production of state of art confocal
instruments using optical and electro-optical technology for scientific and
industrial applications with key target areas being fluorescence microscopy and

In 2012,
CrestOptics developed the X-Light Spinning Disk Confocal. The latest generation
is the X-Light V2 Confocal Imager. The X-Light V2 Confocal Imager is a
full-spectrum spinning disk confocal that attaches to most major models of
inverted or upright fluorescence microscopes. It is designed to utilize the
latest imaging technologies and is ideal for live cell imaging in biological
applications. Add ons are available like the VCS (VideoConfocal Super-resolution)
module and it enhances 3D resolution of the standard light microscope. The full
system X-Light V2 + VCS can work in three configurations: Widefield mode,
Confocal mode and Super-resolution mode.

The X-Light V2 Confocal Imager allows imaging at the
performance extremes of a currentgeneration scientific camera, and it provides for
objectives used when imaging with a camera with a smaller detector. It takes
advantage of laser launches and LED light sources.

design of the CrestOptics X-Light V2 is unique; it does not use expensive
micro-lenses or dual disk strategy implemented in other microlens based
spinning disk systems. Instead the X-Light V2 uses a simple and less expensive
single disk with a proprietary pinhole pattern and superior 15,000 RPM motor.

Scitech boasts an exceptional commitment to providing good
value and support with the company’s multi-disciplined imaging and applications
team, offering in depth knowledge, advice, installation, training and technical
advice and support to its customers.

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