New igus polymer for next gen motor and servo cables

Treotham introduces a high performance polymer
material from igus that meets the new challenges for its latest generation of
motor and servo cables.

The trend for variable frequency drives (VFDs) is
moving towards more compact drives with the same or higher power and extremely
high switching accuracies of frequency converters. Users selecting the cable not
only have to pay attention to the right combination of number of cores and
cross-sections, but also to the electrical specifications of the cable. igus’ new
polymer material has been tested to withstand a bend radius of 7.2 x d over 45
million strokes.

Motor technology is trending towards ever more compact
VFD motors with the same or higher performance level than their predecessors.
Smaller, plastic-insulated round power connectors such as the M16 or M18 are
being used more often for the new motor designs to be able to exploit their
full advantages. The more compact design of motors can result in higher
temperatures within the system, compared to larger ranges of the same motors. Consequently,
the cable heats up via the connector contacts.

Although there are no consequences for the motor and
the connected components in the short term, serious problems might occur in the
long term. If the insulation material of the cable does not withstand the
elevated temperatures in the long term, short circuits can occur inside the
cable and in the vicinity of the connectors, which can potentially lead to
fires. Therefore, the insulation material plays a new central role in the
selection of the correct servo and motor cables.

igus insulation material for the latest servo motors

Following a five-year development and testing period, Treotham
now offers a solution to prevent damage to the compact motors in the form of a
new insulation material for igus chainflex VFD motor and servo cables. Due to
their expertise in high-performance polymers, the motion plastics specialist
has been able to develop a new material that has successfully passed the
comprehensive laboratory and practical tests.

For example, in test 5034, the CF29 servo cable with a
bend radius of 7.2 x d withstood over 45 million strokes. The new material,
unlike other common materials, meets the increased thermal requirements of the
latest motor generations. This makes igus the only supplier in the global
market to offer long-term tested ranges of VFD motor and servo cables for
continuous use in energy chains, which meet the specific thermal and electrical
requirements of the latest converter generations.

variety of cables tested and guaranteed

igus cables are extensively tested under real conditions
in the company’s own 2,750-square-metre test laboratory. The data generated has
enabled igus to become the only manufacturer in the market to offer a 36-month
guarantee on its entire cable range.

igus chainflex cables are available from Treotham. For
more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website or call 1300 65 75 64.

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