New igus e-spool for energy supply in all directions

With the new e-spool, igus has developed a new
standard to enable users to access the energy chain system even for longer
lengths. Available from href=”#CompanyLink:ID130904#”>Treotham, the igus e-spool, which is a slip-ring-free
cable drum, offers energy supply for different application scenarios. The
compact, spring-driven system can safely guide energy, media or fibre optic
data cables. Thanks to an optimised design, the e-spool can now extend cables
and hoses up to 21 metres without the need of a motor.

In stage technology, on oil platforms or in process
cranes, the rollable e-spool is used wherever cables have to be moved safely
and in the tightest of spaces. The compact igus energy chain system from
Treotham is an alternative to the classic cable drum, but with two major
differences: the e-spool is the only solution that can carry not only energy,
but also all media such as data, compressed air and liquids as it connects two
different energy supply systems in one. A standard e-chain, which is guided by
a guide roller, always ensures the correct length and tension of the e-chain
system with an integrated retaining spring. An igus twisterband is responsible
for rotational movements and makes movements in every direction possible.

Additionally, the e-spool does not need an expensive slip ring. This
means that the most diverse cables can be continuously connected in a confined
space in a system, and also be replaced or added at any time. To help users fall
back on the practical energy chain solution for longer travels, igus has
developed a new e-spool standard for 21 metres.

structure for more filling and carrying capacity

The new e-spool has evolved from customer requirements
and experience of recent years and covers the gap between the spring-driven
standard e-spool for up to 14 metres’ extension length and the motorised e-spool
for large projects, for example, in the offshore sector or in opera houses. The
new energy chain system was equipped with a larger twisterband for a higher
filling. To compensate for the payload and extension length, the new structure
of the e-spool provides more bracing, a more stable all-enclosing body and a
reinforced floor plate as a retraction safeguard. In order to withstand higher
forces, the developers also opted for an optimised mechanism for adjusting the
spring force. The new e-spool standard is available either as a spring-driven
version with 2 HD springs or as a motor-driven version with a built-in
stationary motor.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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