New igus e-chain cables for the 7th axis on Fanuc robots

Industrial robots used in large production plants are
often required to move in a straight line on a seventh axis to increase
efficiency. To facilitate this, safe energy supply should be ensured along the
axis from the switch cabinet to the robot.

igus has added two new PUR hybrid cables, CFSPECIAL.792.015
and CFSPECIAL.792.016 to their range of e-chain cables for robots. The new
chainflex cables available from Treotham are highly flexible and designed for
use on Fanuc robots.

Treotham offers a large number of igus motion plastics
products, including multi-axis energy supply systems and the latest cables for
the seventh axis on ABB and KUKA robots, specifically for demanding robotic
applications. The unique igus bundled design for these cables on long energy
chain travels, successfully prevents corkscrewing and other failures in
production lines.

The two new PUR hybrid cables for Fanuc robots
introduced by Treotham have been specially designed, developed and tested for
highly dynamic applications in production plants with long travels. On long
distances along the seventh linear axis, it is especially important for the
cables to avoid failures due to corkscrewing. The new PUR hybrid cables
CFSPECIAL.792.015 and CFSPECIAL.792.016 meet the electrical and technical
requirements of Fanuc robots while also addressing the high mechanical
requirements for highly dynamic applications in long, gliding travels in
production systems.

Key features of the new chainflex special cables include
shielded design with an abrasion-resistant PUR outer jacket; impact-resistant,
flame-retardant and halogen-free properties; and high resistance to oil and
coolant, as well as hydrolysis and microbes.

Similar to all igus cables, the new chainflex cables
were also tested under real environmental conditions in igus’ in-house test

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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