IPDU-S2 combines power management and environmental monitoring

The ENVIROMUX IPDU Series Secure Remote Power Control Units allow you to remotely reboot and control (power on/off) up to eight servers or other powered devices from any location via secure web interface, RS232, SSH, or Telnet. The IPDU Series include models with two, four and eight outlets. All models allow two external environmental sensors to be attached.

Power Control and Management features include: On / Off / Reboot / Default Switching, Outlet Sequencing and Power Up Delays, Manual / Scheduled / Associated Reboot Modes, Current / Line Voltage / Line Frequency / Power Factor Monitoring, Normally Open (NO) or Optional Normally Closed (NC) Relay Contacts and Overload Protection via a Circuit Breaker.

Environmental and IP Monitoring features include: Temperature / Humidity / Water Detection via external Sensors, Ping Monitoring of up to 8 IP Network Devices and Alert Notifications via Email / Syslog / LEDs / Web Page / SNMP. SMS messages sent via an external USB 3G modem is also available on the four and eight outlet models.

Security Features include: Local DB or LDAP Authentication, TLS/SSL Secure Communications, SSH v2, SSLv3, TLC (4/8-port models only), AES, 3DES/DES, Blowfish, RSA, EDH-RSA, Arcfour Encryptions, 16-Character Username/Password Authentication and User Account Restricted Access Rights.

The two and four outlet models can be cascaded to increase the number of power outlets and sensor ports. A maximum of 17 systems can be combined via RS485 with one acting as the master controlling sixteen slave units.

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