igus hybrid bus cables for Ethernet and Profinet

Treotham announces the availability of a new range of
single cable solutions from igus specifically made for use in energy chains. The
new cable combinations of Ethernet or Profinet elements and power cores in the
CFBUS.PUR.H01 series not only save space but also offer reliable performance.

The oil-resistant PUR outer jacket makes the new
cables suitable for moving applications in machine tools and other demanding
environments. The extensive tests carried out in the igus test lab allow users to
not only calculate the cable’s service life online, but also get a unique
guarantee of 36 months.

There is a constantly growing demand for bus cables in
automation technology with many control modules requiring an additional power
supply. Such combinations of power and data cores can be found on control
panels or intelligent end components. By combining two cables, the customer not
only saves space in the energy chain, but can also make connections to
controllers in a more compact and efficient way with only one plug for the
entire system. The single cable solution also reduces harnessing time.

Customers can choose from igus’ comprehensive portfolio
of 1,354 cables to find the most cost-effective and reliable hybrid cable. igus’
broad range of combinations includes hybrid cables with Profibus and fibre
optic elements as well as CFBUS.PUR.H01.049 with CAT6 and CFBUS.PUR.H01.060
with Profinet. The special stranding element is protected by a
pressure-extruded, highly oil-resistant PUR outer jacket.

igus’ cable family comes with UL and NFPA approval,
and meets the requirements of EAC and CTP, enabling global use.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website www.treotham.com.au
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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