Build a custom connector with the expanded ILME MIXO range from Treotham

The range of MIXO modular inserts is getting wider, offering even more alternatives and solutions to any installation requirement. Flexibility and compactness to easily and quickly build your custom connector.

The range is enriched with:

CX 20S I

A high density 20 poles module which protects signals against interferences. With its 4A, 32V, 0,8kV 3 rating, it is also available in the HNM – High Number of Matings version, with part number RX 20S I, for up to 10,000 mating cycles with the dedicated contacts, enclosures and frames.

CX 02 4H

Double-sized Mixo insert for high current and high-tension requirements, with a rating of 40A 2900/5000V 15kV 3. The 2 pole module grants an optimal insulation thanks to the PTFE high voltage resistant internal contact holders and the heat shrinking tubes for the rear side included in the package.

RX 08 I6

The new, enhanced version of the Mixo Gigabit module, now available in the HNM – High Number of Matings version thanks to the application of a special lubrication. The advantages of the 8-pole Cat. 6A Gigabit connector, such as high-speed data transmission for an Ethernet connection up to 10 Gb/s and a robust zinc alloy shield ensuring signal integrity, meet the 10,000 mating cycles performance, which is granted with the dedicated contacts, enclosures and frames.

CX 01 J8..IF

3 new types of RJ45 female inserts, which enrich the data transfer modules range, offering a Cat. 6A Class EA, PoE+, IDC connection, suitable for 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission. Choose among:
– CX 01 J8AIF with TIA 568A coding;
– CX 01 J8BIF with TIA 568B coding;
– CX 01 J8PIF with Profinet coding.

CX 01 9V2

The D-Sub shielded data connectors series is now enriched with the new module, which allows to connect 2 separate cables thanks to a double clamp on the shield, offering an even better performance for automation applications or installations requiring communication and data interface.

MIXO series: wide choice, easy handling and fast mounting for an outstanding custom experience!

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