Patlite Signal/JTEC

Patlite Signal/JTEC
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Patlite Signal/JTEC
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PATLITE & SIGNALFX are the world’s leading brand of Advanced Audio Visual Signalling devices, designed to improve safety, security & productivity of any machine, system, hardware, software, infrastructure.

The product range includes IoT Ready LED & Audio Signalling devices, LED Beacons, Audio Speakers, Explosion proof lights and sounder, Network enabled alert devices, MP3 recordable devices, LED Lightbars for emergency vehicles, customisable Multi-Colour LED Status indicating lights for reflecting process, time, temperature, software process indication, supervisor call system for the office or call centres, Cybersecurity notification & alerting, data centers, IoT signalling. Network LAN USB enabled intelligent LED tower. Our audio & Visual signalling devices are designed to enhance safety, productivity by improving communication visually and can be used for ‘Infrastructure’ ‘Machines’ ‘PLC’ and ‘software’.

Industries serviced include Emergency Vehicle Warning, Industrial Automation, CNC Machine Indication, Food Processing, Packaging, Logistics, Retail, Public Infrastructure & facilities, Construction, buildings, Crane Safety, Mining Safety, Oil & Gas explosion-proof, IoT Signalling such as Data Centers, Cyber Security, IT hardware & software applications, Call centres and more.

Please contact us directly for all Australian, New Zealand, and Pacific enquiries.

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03 9001 2006
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200 Queen Street Victoria 3004 Australia
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