Treotham sponsors ARTEMIS robotics team with linear slides and energy chain

igus drylin W linear slides and an energy chain
were supplied by Treotham to ARTEMIS, an all-girls robotics team from
Abbotsleigh Senior School in Sydney, Australia. ARTEMIS currently has students
from Years 7-11 competing in both the FIRST¨ LEGO¨ League (FLL) and the FIRST¨ Robotics Competition (FRC).

This year’s FRC game Power Up was based around robots delivering cubes to different
areas on the field to score points. The vault is an area on the end of each
field where cubes are delivered to earn points and gain powerups; the switch is
a short seesaw-like contraption where points are given to the team that has it
tilted in their favour; and the scale is similar to the switch, but much
taller. ARTEMIS’ robot in this year’s competition had a pneumatic controlled
gripper intake with compliant wheels and a two-stage elevator that could lift
the cubes to well over 2 metres, allowing the cubes to be placed in the vault
and onto the switch.

To build the
two-stage elevator, the ARTEMIS team initially had access only to the linear
slides that were half the height required, but only half of them were igus’
drylin N type slides, which were not as strong as the larger drylin W slides.

Treotham supplied
4 lengths of 1.2m drylin W slides and carriages. Using AutoCAD Fusion 360, the
ARTEMIS team completed a nested elevator design with the slides that would lift
the intake mechanism holding the cube to well over 2 metres. A geared 300W
winch using 3mm cable lifted the elevator through a series of pulleys to the top position.
Even through the intake mechanism and cube were a considerable overhanging
weight on the slides, the team was able to run their lift smoothly and use
gravity to return it to the bottom.

Treotham additionally
provided 4m of energy chain to enable the team to manage the wires and
pneumatic lines needed for their intake as it moved to its full height and

The ARTEMIS team was very grateful that the lift and igus drylin W
linear slides worked flawlessly, allowing them to successfully run the robot
and place the cubes onto the scale.

For the upcoming off-season competition in
July, the ARTEMIS team plans
to mount a hook and additional winch to their lift to allow them to lift the
robot off the ground during the endgame to gain even more points. They are
confident that the drylin W slides will be strong enough to pull the robot up. Their
software team is hard at work to improve their autonomous code to use the gyro
and encoders installed. The Year 11 students of the team are also currently
creating a second, high speed robot called Artemoose
for the event.

ARTEMIS team appreciates the generosity of Treotham that enabled them to build their most
successful and reliable robot to date.

“The igus drylin W slides were excellent to work
with and ran flawlessly during the competition. The e-chain made our cable
management successful, as this was something we were worried about with such a
large 2m movement.” 

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