New igus robolink robot arm in a low cost compact design

Treotham announces the release of a new compact robot
arm from igus, designed for cost-effective automation of simple tasks.

Launched at the 2017 SPS IPC Drives show, the compact
version of the igus robolink has the control system located at the base of the
gripper arm, eliminating the need for an additional switch cabinet or a permanent
connection to a PC.

Presented as a complete 4- or 5-axis robot in which a
control unit from Commonplace Robotics GmbH (CPR) is integrated at the base of
the robot arm, the robolink is moved via four or five motor controllers, saving
space and making the robot arm even more flexible during transport or for a
quick adaptation of the automation process.

The modular CPR control system supplements robolink
with service-friendly electronics and intuitive control software that can be
used to display and program the robot’s movement sequences. Additionally, components
such as image processing systems can be integrated via plugins. Only a
Windows-capable computer is required for commissioning since the software is
provided on a CD. Following installation, the standalone solution uses a touch
display for operation instead of the obligatory PC connection. The control
system can also communicate with other controllers via inputs and outputs.

The igus robolink system enables cost-effective
automation of simple processes such as pick & place applications in order
picking, feeding, quality assurance, assembly tasks and image processing. The
modular design allows robolink to be easily adapted to a wide variety of
applications. In addition to a preassembled articulated arm made of joints with
a wide range of gears, motors and connector modules, users can also put
together individual systems. Compatible grippers and lifting vacuums are also available
from Schunk and MM Engineering among others. The robolink Designer supports configuration
on the Internet.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website or call 1300 65 75 64.

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