Treotham introduces inductive sensors for extreme temperatures

The inductive sensors for hot and cold zones from Wenglor ensure
reliable detection of metallic objects in extreme temperature ranges from -60¡C to +450¡C.

The durable sensors are reliable, high performance products that can
be used in a broad range of applications from automotive and metalworking
industries, to food and glass industries. They can also be used in cold zones
such as cold storage facilities and in PWIS sensitive areas as they are
manufactured without silicone.

The interchangeable sensor head is made of ceramic, making it
capable of continuously withstanding extreme heat and cold, whilst accurately
detecting metallic objects at the same time. They offer a long service life of
7-10 years, with cable lengths of 5 to 20 metres.

The INRT450 inductive sensor is the worldwide front runner where
resistance to heat and cold is concerned. With a range of use from -60¡C to +450¡C and a switching
distance of 25mm, the sensor is extremely reliable in extreme temperature

The INTT25 and INTT40 have a switching distance of either 25mm or
40mm, and are designed for hot or cold zones within a range of -10¡C to +250¡C. All models include a patented maintenance output
which quickly draws attention to maintenance and repairs cycles, preventing
costly system downtime. The sensors can
be easily selected with a potentiometer, and the sensor heads are quick and
simple to replace.

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