Flat servo cables for semiconductor automation from Treotham

With a Class 1 rating for clean room environments, Cicoil’s flexible
servo motor, feedback and resolver cables are halogen free, don’t shed surface
particles and work exceptionally well when used in continuous motion
applications. This combination of features make the flat servo cables ideal for
use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, clean room robotic systems and
surface mount automation.

With the use of a patented extrusion process, each of the flat servo
cables can combine any of the following in a condensed cable design: shielded
feedback pairs, Cat 5e/Cat 6A, power conductors, tubing for liquid or air, USB,
coax and Cicoil’s patented StripMount fastening strip.

Unlike other types of cables, the reliable flat servo cables are not
affected by repeated exposure to severe vibration, steam, de-ionised water, UV
light, temperature extremes (-65¡C to +260¡C), shock, mechanical stress, alcohol, humidity and many chemicals. Even
under tight bending and high speed flexing, the cables will not wear, tear or
deform during a lifetime of more than 15 million cycles. The unique Flexx-Sil
jacket is also “self-healing” for small punctures.

The high quality cables are UL recognised, CE conforming,
RoHS & REACH Compliant and Class 1 Clean Room Rated.

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