Stockscan encourages farmers to book in stud scanning

year is in front of us, it certainly doesn’t take long for each year to
disappear, so l am afraid to all you farmers out there the time has come to do
something that you all enjoy so much Book Work. If you could address this piece
of bookwork as soon as you receive this, it might not get lost at the bottom of
the pile we all have on our office desks.

know some of you just assume that you will automatically be contacted each year
for your scanning. But this makes it very hard for those organizing and how
best to comply with everybody’s needs. So it would really be appreciated if you
could fill out the booking form even if you’re not sure exactly what time of
year you require to be scanned an estimate would do. But we do require a form
be it mailed, faxed or emailed.

the Annual Meeting in July 2014 those that attended moved to look in to putting
the Name, Stud, Address and Phone number of users of Stockscan information on
our website.

only way this can happen is for us to obtain written permission from users of
Stockscan.If you wish your details to be included, please send the attached
form to an email needs to be ASAP.

Anyone not replying in writing cannot be included.

Information the scanners will need on
the day of scanning

  • Average Date of Birth, month & year for each group.
  • How many groups (please mark clearly)
  • If over 50 sheep in a group is ID (lowest to highest ear tag) sort required.
  • Is a Sire
    Summary required? If info is not available on the day please let thescanner know that it will besent later.
  • You
    will need to supply someone to record the figures
    . (This is not the scanners job).

For more information visit the Stcoksan website

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