Pacific Seeds introduces dual-herbicide canola in SA for 2019 season

South Australian canola growers have been calling for a dual-herbicide
tolerant non-GM canola hybrid combining Clearfield and triazine tolerant
technologies, and Pacific Seeds has answered those calls, becoming the first
company to sell it for the 2019 season.

The new technology known as Hyola CT, is available nationwide in the
form of the first variety, mid-season hybrid Hyola 580CT.

Yorketown farmer Richard Dodd was one of the first in the country to
trial the new technology last season.

Mr Dodd said with the rapid expansion of group b imi-tolerant crops such
as wheat, barley and lentils in his district, Hyola CT is an important part of the
winter cropping IWM toolbox.

“Dual-herbicide canola is a big winner in our district because there’s
heavy use of group b’s,” he said.

“We planted this on a block we recently purchased that has group b ‘imi’
residues, but because it was such a small plot, we just used the Clearfield

“My agronomist got me onto the Hyola CT, because we want the dual
tolerance for the canola we are planting this year – so we can use the TT
chemicals for our weed control.”

He planted six hectares on the new paddock about 20km from their home
block, ‘Temana’, where he farms with his father Colin.

The pair crop 3000ha of wheat, barley, canola, lentils and faba beans,
along with producing vetch hay.

They also run 40 cattle and a contract windrowing and spreading

Seeding starts around Anzac Day, with beans going in first, followed by canola
and cereals.

The Hyola 580CT was sown early May with a fertiliser program that
included 80kg/ha of Granulock, 125kg/ha of SOA and 150kg/ha urea.

“It was very dry except for August when we received 100mm, which saved
the year effectively.

“Yorke Peninsula also experienced frost that we’d never had before and
received a little more rain at the start of October.

“All-in-all it was a dry, challenging season.”

They harvested the canola in mid-November, with the new variety yielding
1.8t/ha on average – the same as their 44Y90 CL alongside it.

“This coming season we’re going to use Hyola CT again but put in 200ha.”

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