Landcare Research Case Study

Landcare Research is a Crown research institute focused
on environmental science that is owned by and accountable to the New Zealand
Government. Founded in 1992 as an independently run organisation, Landcare
Research now employs over 330 staff at nine locations across New Zealand and
collaborates extensively with other research organisations in New Zealand and
around the world.

MEX is used to manage and monitor their HVAC systems as
their effective operation is vital to our day to day operations and overall
organisational goals. With MEX we carry out periodic Inspections on the units,
schedule future maintenance and use Work Orders to capture comprehensive job
details on each unit.

“Through Preventative Maintenance MEX Helps us identify
repeat visits for the same problem and also helps us identify trends that could
lead to unwanted downtime.”

Take a look at the full Landcare
Research Case Study
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