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Ensure precision cutting with Mastercut Technologies single shims
Mastercut Technologies
Off the coil or manufactured to your design
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Mastercut Technologies specialises in supplying high precision thin metal parts throughout Australia and the South Pacific. Based in Burleigh Heads Queensland, Mastercut Technologies utilises a range of techniques to create the required part including ...
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Industrial, commercial, ammonia, marine refrigeration and air conditioning. Service, installation and repairs. Specialising in freezers, coolrooms, screw, reciprocating, centrifugal compressors, chillers and cooling towers.
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NL-Tec specialises in Laser systems for Applications in Radiation Oncology. NL-Tec also provides solutions to Alignment and Positioning problems in industries including medical,industrial, beauty. NL-TEC distribute smoke evacuation products. NL-TEC ...
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Pre-cut stainless steel shims
Supplier news
06/10/08 - Ozishim, an Australian made pre-cut shim is available from NL-Tec.
Supplier news
18/03/08 - Aline Engineering offers wide range of pre cut stainless steel shim in 13 different thicknesses and 4 different sizes.
With optional flexible hose for frequent repositioning.
Supplier news
01/11/04 - EXAIR, represented by Compressed Air Australia, has released the 50.8mm Super Air Nozzle, a flat air nozzle that maximises entrained airflow and force while reducing compressed air use and noise. The flat, 50.8mm wide airstream is ideally suited for ...

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