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Industrial robots, palletisers, SCARAs, factory automation, robotics systems.
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J C Smale is an Australian-owned private company offering general engineering services; CAD design, machining, fabrication, painting, fitting and assembly and electrical services. J C Smale manages an Australian and overseas customer base in a broad ...
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Since 1984, CNC Design has grown to become the leader in Australasia and South East Asia in Motion Control Solutions. Offering complete automation solution to manufacturers and users of Machine Tools and Production Machines, their strength is our ...
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We need new jobs as the machines do more of our work
14/05/15 - We might be living longer than ever before, but the Australian government’s plan to keep older people in the workforce may not be that easy.
Güdel TrackMotion
Supplier news
11/06/09 - The modular linear axes Güdel TrackMotion with rack and pinion drive, available from CNC Design, provide the 7th axis motion for robots. The optimal system has the ability to position loads of
The six-axis articulated robot
Supplier news
17/10/08 - KUKA Robotics@Marand Precision Engineering, providers of KUKA Robots, offer six-axis articulated robots that are suitable for many applications as they offer a large working envelope, manoeuvrability and high repeatability.
Supplier news
16/10/08 - KUKA Robotics@Marand Precision Engineering, providers of KUKA Robots, underline the advantages of robotic machines.
Supplier news
13/10/08 - KUKA Robotics’ Graphical User Interface or SmartGUI is a productive method that enables humans to command a KUKA robot with a minimum of fuss.
Kuka Roboter’s KR 5 arc robot for arc welding
Supplier news
12/06/08 - KUKA Roboter has introduced two industrial robots, the KR 5 arc and KR 5 arc HW, which provide great flexibility, accuracy in operation and worry-free maintenance.

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