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Metal Hoses
Pacific Hoseflex
Stainless steel metal hoses are used for connection systems and are gas approved and compliant with required standards
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Pacific Hoseflex is a market leader in manufacturing and assembling specialised hoses, expansion joints and fittings to help solve problems such as vibration, noise, shock, corrosion, abrasion, stresses, load stress, equipment movement, pressure pulsation ...
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 Stainless steel braided hose assemblies. Flexible metal hose assemblies. Stainless steel braiding. Thermal Protective Sleeving. Silco sleeve. Fiberglass sleeve. Sillica sleeve. Convoluted Hose. Corrugated Hose. Pressure Welding Service. Food Grade ...
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Bitumen fittings from Convoluted Technologies
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26/09/12 - Bitumen fittings, such as bitumen hoses from Convoluted Technologies, help to ensure that hot bitumen is transported and handled in a safe manner.
Metallic hoses
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19/10/10 - Pacific Hoseflex flexible metallic hose is manufactured in a number of styles to cater for many applications.
Composite hoses
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23/01/09 - Tyco Flexible Piping Systems has been at the forefront of Composite hose design and manufacture in Australia for 40 years. Tyco Flexible Piping Systems are also known as Flexible Piping Systems and are a division of Tyco Flow Control Pacific.
Metallic Hose
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22/01/09 - Tyco Flexible Piping Systems manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of flexible metal hose assemblies for a wide range of applications where either the medium or temperature is extreme. Tyco Flexible Piping Systems are also known as Flexible Piping ...
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26/03/08 - Convoluted Technologies offers a wide range of sleeve products to protect the hoses, cables and wires.
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25/03/08 - Convoluted Technologies is engaged in providing a wide range of protective sleeving products, pressure pipe welding products, pressure testing products, flexible metal hose products and food grade fitting products.

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