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Comtest has been accredited for testing low voltage mains power sockets to AS/NZS 3112 as well as the AS/NZS 3105 standard
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26/05/14 - Comtest Laboratories has increased its capability by being accredited to AS/NZS 3112 as well as the AS/NZS 3105 standard.
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27/08/09 - Noja Power has recently completed the successful re-type testing of the OSM27 recloser at Kema in the Netherlands.
Kyoritsu 3128 high voltage insulation tester
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09/03/09 - Eaton Electric Systems have introduced a feature packed Kyoritsu 3128 high voltage insulation tester. The test voltage is variable to 12kV, 35TO with a short circuit current of 5mA.
Noja Power Switchgear
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06/11/08 - NOJA Power has won a multimillion dollar contract to supply one of Australia's leading power distributors (ENERGEX) equipment to improve network reliability.
iButton Thermochrons temperature loggers
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05/11/08 - The iButton Thermochrons temperature loggers are an alternative to thermometers, probes and clipboards and can save time. By using the iButton Thermochrons temperature loggers, the companies can take periodic readings to record the time and temperature ...
UPS to minimise blackout effects
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04/11/08 - Dueltek Computer Products offer UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that can be attached to a user’s computer.
Raritan Dominion PX PDU
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03/11/08 - Raritan have designed Dominion PX, which is an advanced Power Distribution Unit (PDU), to address the power issues in data centres that include increasing power costs, limited power availability to high-density server rooms and the impact on data-centre ...
Raritan Dominion KX2-116 KVM-over-IP switch
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31/10/08 - Dueltek Computer Products offer the Raritan Dominion KX2-116 KVM-over-IP switch that provides one remote and one local user with BIOS-level access and control of up to 16 servers. The Raritan Dominion KX2-116 KVM-over-IP switch is an affordable appliance ...
Dueltek piggyback power cable
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30/10/08 - Dueltek piggyback power cables provide a cable that plugs into the wall and also has the facility to connect another into the same socket.
Fibre-optic systems
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29/10/08 - Fibre-optic systems are an alternative to copper wires for communicating signal transmission. The fibre-optic systems, available from Dueltek Computer Products, can span long distances between local phone systems, and form the backbone for many network ...
Dueltek colour network cables
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28/10/08 - Dueltek colour network cables, available from Dueltek Computer Products, have made the installation of a computer and a phone system easy in an office where there is already a modem, router and a security alarm. Dueltek colour network cables use colours ...
The CAT6 twisted pair Ethernet cable
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23/10/08 - CAT6, available from Dueltek Computer Products, is the sixth generation of twisted pair Ethernet cabling, also known as Category 6. It is a cable standard defined by the Electronic Industries Association and Telecommunications Industry Association (commonly ...

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