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In order to complete a successful welding task, ensuring the safety of workers and managers on the worksite is a key component in the ever-changing welding industry.
Welding pic Welding processes are usually classified into two groups: fusion welding, which is heat alone, and pressure welding, which uses a combination of heat and pressure. Fusion welding involves three types: electric arc, gas and thermit.
Arc welding is a safe occupation when sufficient measures are taken to protect the welder from potential hazards. When these measures are overlooked, welders can encounter such dangers as electric shock, overexposure to fumes and gases, arc radiation, and fire and explosion.
The TIG process produces a variety of hazards, not only to those carrying out the operation but also in many instances to others in the vicinity such as inspectors, labourers and even other welders. Some of the hazards encountered are specific to TIG welding while others are of a more general nature.

What are some of the hazards in Welding?

Different hazards occur before welding commences, during welding and sometimes after welding has finished.
These potential hazards need to be identified, measured where appropriate, assessed, and remedial or preventative measures put in place wherever necessary. It should also be remembered that different hazards may have the same effect on the body and so interactions between hazards should also be considered.
If you have some concerns about safety in Welding, Ferret has all the information you need.
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Grindtech StripClean abrasive discs
Supplier news
28/01/13 - Grindtech StripClean discs, available from ADDLER are heavy duty abrasive discs used for stripping coatings off metal, plastic, timber and fibreglass
Fronius robotic welding system
Supplier news
25/01/13 - SMENCO is supplying Fronius robotic welding systems to be fitted into older welding robots to extend their working life. SMENCO is the Australian distributor for Fronius.
Cigweld MPM 5/190H 200 amp petrol-driven mobile welder
Supplier news
21/12/12 - Coates Hire has introduced the Cigweld MPM 5/190H 200 amp petrol driven mobile welder to its equipment hire fleet.
Supplier news
10/12/12 - Redstar Equipment has appointed John Buchannan as Production Planner to streamline their processes and procedures.
Supplier news
06/12/12 - Lance Glover, a field service technician with Redstar Equipment in Emerald has secured a 12-month servicing contract in the region.
Rofin FL Series high brightness fibre laser
Supplier news
28/11/12 - Laser Resources presents Rofin FL Series of high brightness fibre lasers.
Nelweld 6000 stud welder
Supplier news
27/11/12 - Stud welding specialist, Studco announces the introduction of the new Nelweld 6000 heavy duty stud welding machines.
A Rofin laser machine
Supplier news
09/11/12 - Laser Resources offers a large range of second hand lasers and laser machines for sale.
Elliotts’ specialist customised safety gear
Supplier news
08/11/12 - Safety gear specialist Elliotts has boosted its existing manufacturing and design capabilities to meet the growing need for customised safety apparel in the Australian market.
Denyo Genset
Supplier news
31/10/12 - Leading supplier of generators, compressors, welders, lighting towers and fuel tanks, Redstar Equipment offers the capabilities to build machines to Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) specifications.
Thru-Deck shear connectors
Supplier news
26/10/12 - Studco has been announced as the Australian Distributor for the Nelson stud welding product range in Australia.
Weldflex strip curtains for welding bays
Supplier news
25/10/12 - Flexshield supplies durable Weldflex strip curtains for welding bays to improve workplace safety.

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