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In order to complete a successful welding task, ensuring the safety of workers and managers on the worksite is a key component in the ever-changing welding industry.
Welding pic Welding processes are usually classified into two groups: fusion welding, which is heat alone, and pressure welding, which uses a combination of heat and pressure. Fusion welding involves three types: electric arc, gas and thermit.
Arc welding is a safe occupation when sufficient measures are taken to protect the welder from potential hazards. When these measures are overlooked, welders can encounter such dangers as electric shock, overexposure to fumes and gases, arc radiation, and fire and explosion.
The TIG process produces a variety of hazards, not only to those carrying out the operation but also in many instances to others in the vicinity such as inspectors, labourers and even other welders. Some of the hazards encountered are specific to TIG welding while others are of a more general nature.

What are some of the hazards in Welding?

Different hazards occur before welding commences, during welding and sometimes after welding has finished.
These potential hazards need to be identified, measured where appropriate, assessed, and remedial or preventative measures put in place wherever necessary. It should also be remembered that different hazards may have the same effect on the body and so interactions between hazards should also be considered.
If you have some concerns about safety in Welding, Ferret has all the information you need.
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Sumo Jumbo electrical distribution board
Supplier news
14/06/13 - Redstar Equipment will showcase a new Australian-designed Sumo Jumbo electrical distribution board on Stand B1074.
Buying the right enclosure will reduce the risks of damaging expensive equipment and minimise downtime
Supplier news
04/06/13 - Access to technology and electricity are a given in today’s industrial environments.
Supplier news
04/06/13 - Redstar Equipment held its inaugural ‘Australia’s biggest morning tea’ recently at its head office in Rocklea, QLD to help raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.
Supplier news
03/06/13 - Redstar Equipment announces the launch of their new financing solutions designed for their equipment range.
Cigweld Transarc welding inverters
Supplier news
27/05/13 - Cigweld introduces a new range of single-phase welding inverters designed to deliver safety, efficiency and ease of control.
Picomig 305 D3 puls TKG welding machine
Supplier news
22/05/13 - Leading gases and engineering company BOC has expanded its range of high-technology welding machines with the introduction of the Pico 220 cel puls and Picomig 305 D3 puls TKG.
Most welders are aware of the dangers of welding fumes
Supplier news
21/05/13 - Those in the industry know that breathing in welding fumes is not good for them, but how many realise that some of those innocuous looking fumes can be deadly. Alan Johnson re
BOC’s Mix Onsite unit
Supplier news
21/05/13 - BOC has won the 2013 Endeavour Awards Technology Application of the Year category for the development of its new Mini Bulk Service Offer and Mix Onsite.
Supplier news
10/05/13 - Studco announces the launch of its newly designed and updated website, now featuring the Nelson range of stud welding equipment.
Virtual welder
Supplier news
08/05/13 - Leading gases and engineering company BOC introduces a new virtual welder designed to facilitate basic as well as advanced training in welding processes.
The new range of CNC profile cutters is designed and built in Australia by a small Melbourne metal manufacturer
Supplier news
06/05/13 - SMENCO offers a new range of CNC profile cutters designed and built in Australiaby a small Melbourne metal manufacturer.
Supplier news
06/05/13 - National Manufacturing Week 2013 offers a unique opportunity for Australian manufacturers to showcase their innovative and world-leading products.

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