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The GOLDELOX-GFX graphics processor
Supplier news
20/10/08 - 4D Systems, available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution, have introduced the GOLDELOX-GFX graphics processor, a new concept in LCD and OLED display technology. It is completely configurable and can interface with many LCD and OLED displays and implements ...
New AL460 Full HD FIFO for Video Applications
Supplier news
20/10/08 - AverLogic, whose products are available through GLYN High-Tech Distribution, have launched the AL460 Full HD FIFO which consists of 128Mbit of memory density and can be configured as 8M x 16-bits FIFO (first in first out) at maximum R/W operating speed ...
Magnetic separators and tramp iron magnets
Supplier news
17/10/08 - Serpent & Dove have signed an exclusive agreement with Asian manufacturers of magnetic separating equipment, Longji Magnet Company.
Magnetic wands for cleaning swarf
Supplier news
15/10/08 - Magnetic wands, available from Magnet Sales Australia, are a safe and efficient way of cleaning swarf from lathe beds and metal milling machines.
The RE60 Rare Earth Pot Magnet
Supplier news
14/10/08 - Magnet Sales Australia offer a wide variety of powerful RE60 Rare Earth Pot Magnets that can be used for holding, actuating, pulling, pushing, hanging, locating, separating, retrieving and craft uses.
Opening of a new distribution centre in Melbourne
Supplier news
10/10/08 - With the opening of new purpose built office and distribution centre in Melbourne, Kubota Tractor Australia (KTA) have taken a historic step consolidating their position in Australia.
The Cable-Mate magnetic safety cable tidy
Supplier news
09/10/08 - Magnet Sales Australia have introduced a magnetic cable safety device designed to help with cable and hose safety and make the workplace a safer and tidier environment.
The ‘knife-mate’ magnetic knife holder
Supplier news
08/10/08 - Magnet Sales Australia have released the ‘knife-mate’ magnetic knife holder for enabling easy and safe storing of knives.
The Super Sweeper magnetic sweeper
Supplier news
07/10/08 - Magnet Sales Australia have recently released a magnetic sweeper, which is suitable for factories or warehouses to keep metal off the floor.
EDT’s fully featured QVGA monochrome LCD module with Polar White Technology
Supplier news
06/10/08 - Emerging Display Technology (EDT), available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, have recently released the EW50793FLWP QVGA monochrome LCD module for display applications, where a bright, white background is needed such as kiosks, bar code readers, ...
USB / Ethernet-Solved Development Kit
Supplier news
17/09/08 - Cyan, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, have introduced the USB / Ethernet-Solved Development Kit, which allows projects based around USB and Ethernet to be created quickly and easily.
AL320C Analog LCD Display Controller from Glyn High-Tech Distribution
Supplier news
16/09/08 - AverLogic, available through Glyn High-Tech Distribution, have introduced their AL320C Analog LCD Display Controller, which is suitable for applications such as LCD Game Screen (PS2/Mini-PS2), Automobile Camera & DVR system, PMP (Personal Media Player), ...

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